Ms. Knoll's Sweet Math Lesson

Ms. Knoll's Sweet Math Lesson
Posted on 12/21/2018
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Cookies, candy, and frosting make everything better, even math. And if they didn’t already know that, that’s just what the students in Ms. Knoll’s 5th and 6th-grade math classes learned.

In a fun, delicious, and seasonal way to teach geometry, Ms. Knoll had her students build gingerbread houses. Using their newly learned formulas for determining perimeters and areas, students began assembling the sides of their homes. "The students had so much fun building their gingerbread houses. When you have the opportunity to apply the skills learned in class to the real world that’s how students learn and retain the information best. It was great to see them in action using their newly learned geometry skills to build their houses--plus anytime you can combine cookies, frosting, and candy in your lesson, you are sure to keep their attention,” Ms. Knoll stated. She continued, “an additional bonus is this also acts as reinforcement for when they say 'when will we ever use this in real life?'"

We can all agree on one thing: this surely is one sweet way to learn math!